About Us

Dr.Claudia Rangel

Dr.Claudia Rangel graduated from the Federal University of Brasil. She got her degree in Orthodontics and passed the National board of Orthodontics as one of the top graduated. She became a member of the American Association of Orthodontics. She taught in the Orthodontics Department of Federal University for 5 years and after that decided to work only in her office practicing Orthodontics. She visited UCLA by invitation of the Orthodontic Department for 3 months. After immigrating to Canada 1986 she took some courses in various departments at the University of Sao Paulo and worked with the head of the UFPE Prosthodontics Department in his private clinic in Recife. In 1994 decided to stay definitely in Canada and in 1996 she opened her own private clinic. Due to her extensive background she decided to work in General Dentistry including orthodontic treatment as well. She speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Dr.Mindy Lim

Dr.Mindy started her impressive education achievements at Simon Fraser University where in 2006 she completed her B.Sc in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Still at Simon Fraser she went on to complete her Masters in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, during wich she was awarded $6,500 in recognition of excellence in research and academics. Dr.Mindy's dental education was completed at Case Western University School of Dental Medicine in Cleveland, OH. From August 2009 to May 2013 Dr.Mindy completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine program, being awarded the Deans Award for Academic and Clinical Excellence. Having received her D.M.D. Dr.Mindy boosted her work experience by completing the intensive residence program in Advanced Education in General dentistry at CWRU and University Hospital, treating a diverse and complex patient pool with emphasis on treatment planning and comprehensive careincluding full mouth reconstruction and surgical placement of implants. Dr.Mindy speaks English, Korean, Japanese and American Sign language.

Dr.Monika Arora

Dr.Monika Arora is originaly certified to practice dentistry in India. in 2005 she graduated with honors from the University of Toronto Dental Program. During her dental studies she received the Michael Oliver's Award as the student who contributed significantly in Periodontics Research. She also worked as a part time Clinical Instructor at the UofT. Since her graduation Dr.Monika has continued to build her knowledge by participating in several dental study clubs: Prosthodontics (Crown and Bridges), Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy), Implant and Orthodontics. Besides English she is also fluent in Hindi, Punjabi and urdu.

Dr.Mike Zhong

After graduating from dental school in 1985, Dr.Zhong completed a 5 year program in Oral Maxilofacial Surgery at the West China University of Medical Sciences. Dr.Zhong has performed an impressive variety of oral surgeries: Cleft Lip, Cleft palate Repair, oral facial and neck tumor removal and wisdom teeth extractions. In 1994 Dr.Zhong completed an anesthesia fellowship program at Oregon Sciences University and moved to Canada. Besides his considerable talent in oral surgery Dr.Zhong is also very experienced in Endodontics (Root Canal therapy).